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From a simple polish, to extensions or a nail rebuild, I offer a variety of services to allow your hands and feet to look and feel amazing

Treatment and Prices

File and polish £10
File and polish with gel £18
This includes file and shape of the nail, dry cuticle work done. Then application of either an extra hydration treatment leaving the nails bare of polish, or polish of your choice of colour. Lastly you can have gel polish applied this is a long lasting, chip resistant, dry straight away polish allowing you to go about your day not having to worry about smudging your nice newly painted nails  

Manicure £20
Manicure with gel £30

This includes file and shape of the nails, soak of the cuticles and cuticle work to be carried out. Polish is applied, either polish or gel polish. Or bare nails left for extra hydration then a massage of the hand, wrist and forearm.


Pedicure £20
Pedicure with gel £30

This includes a foot soak with footlogix foot softener. A seaweed scrub to exfoliate and wash off. Cutting and shaping of the nails, all cuticle work is done followed by application of tailored prescriptive footlogix products. Finally finishing with a lovely foot, ankle and calf massage. Your pedicure can be finished with normal or gel polish or toes can be left bare of polish and have a treatment of extra hydration.


Gel nails £20
Gel extensions £40

Gel nails provide extra strength and protection allowing your beautiful nails to stay perfect for longer. Gel nails are gentle and soft on your natural nails and all gels are pre-blended allowing for quicker application. I have Gel in a variety of colours to create the perfect look for you. If you’re a nail biter or if you’re looking for longer nails no problem, we can combine the gel nail with an extension to give you the nails of your dreams.


Acrylic nails £20
Acrylicc extensions £35

Acrylic nails are hard wearing and tough, they are created using different products to enable a chemical reaction allowing them to be more chip resistant than other nails. They are not as nurturing to your natural nail because of this but they are one of the hardest setting products on the market. If you’re a nail biter or if you’re looking for longer nails no problem, we can combine the acrylic nail with an extension to give you the perfect looking nails.



If you are unsure whether Gel or Acrylic product is right for you and your nails please just contact me and we can talk through the best option.



Gel £25
Acrylic £20
Nail repair £2 per nail
Soak off and nail treatment £10

New products being used to those with damaged / brittle nails– IBX repair and strengthen. These products protect and supports the nail by adding a protection nail shield under all gel polish services. They support the natural nail growth and are a natural nail toughening system.

IBX strengthen is applied to the top of the nail like nail polish, it is a penetrative, curable monomer system. IBX strengthen penetrates the upper layers of the nail plate with the help of gentle heat and highly penetrative oil (jojoba & avocado).
IBX boost is a flexible and strong over the top universal nail coating that is the perfect complement to the IBX system. IBX boost will smooth, strengthen, protect and act as a buffer layer under other nail services.

The IBX boost system can be used for;

  • A natural nail overlay for strength and added protection
  • A protective coating under other services such as gel polish.
  • Extends gel polish wear for up to three weeks or more.




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